See The World

     Two children, a boy and a girl, sat under a tree on a hill, laughing. Darkness had fallen long ago, but neither of them intended on returning home. Books laid strewn across the ground, and one spanning the length of both of their bodies laid on their laps. On one of the book’s pages was a map, one of a fantastical land.

     “Do you think we’ll ever leave this small town?” the boy asked.

     The girl sighed. The smile had left her face, and she shrugged. “I don’t know. Would be nice, but my mom thinks I should stay close to home ever since my dad left.”

     “Yeah… My parents want me running their business.” The boy stood. “I want to go to all sorts of places! I want to see the world and do all sorts of adventurous things.”

     A grin spread on the girl’s face. “Oh yeah? Like what?”

     “I’ll fight pirates and defend cities from monsters! Bandits will fear my name all across the world! It’ll be an adventure of a lifetime.”  

     “You’re being silly. Monsters and bandits and pirates don’t exist. They’re just parts of these stories.”

     “Don’t be such a spoilsport. Come on, when we’re older let’s have an adventure. Wouldn’t that be nice? To go anywhere we’d like with nobody telling us what we have to do?”

     “And how would we go about travelling the world? We don’t have a car or a truck?”

     The boy smiled. “We’d go by a hot-air balloon!”

     “A hot-air balloon?”

     “Yeah! Remember the old woman who lived down the street? My dad bought a hot-air balloon from her. My mom sure was mad, but we can use it!”

     “And what would we use it for?”

     “We’d sail under a starry night just like this! We’d sail under the stars and man, we’d sail all over the world. Over oceans, land, anywhere. We’d read stories to pass the time and everything!”

     “What if we run out of books?”

     “That doesn’t matter. There’s always a story out there! It doesn’t matter if it’s between the pages of a book or the stories people tell. Come on, tell me that doesn’t sound so cool.”

     “You’re such a dreamer.”

     “So what if I am? Let’s have an adventure while we dream!”

     “You two!” A woman stood at the base of the hill, her arms crossed. “We have been waiting for you two to come back home. Get down here right this instant!”

     “Aww, ma!”

     “No buts, mister! Clean up your mess and let’s go.”

     The boy sighed and leaned down as he and the girl stacked the books in their arms. “Looks like our adventure will have to wait.”

     The girl paused. She looked up at him and smiled. “I’ll be waiting.”

     The boy smiled. “You and I, we’ll see the world. I promise.”