Book Review #17: Hot Love Inferno by Nicky Blue

     This was a requested, unpaid review. As always, regardless of whether this review was requested or not, I will be giving my honest opinion on what I think about it.


     28-year-old Barry is a simple man with irritable bowel syndrome and a love for fish fingers, Ninjas, and Star Trek. He shares a flat with his 60-year-old mother, Molly, and his father and sister went missing. 

When Barry’s girlfriend is abducted by ninjas from a different dimension and attack the public, it’s up to Barry to stop them. Along the way, he’s piecing together what exactly happened to his father and sister with the help of a basset hound.


    A half-woman, half-cockroach fused in a bizarre gardening accident? That would be Mrs Jittery Twitch, dwelling in the shadows of our misdeeds. If in danger, you can call upon her help… all she asks is your soul as payment. But she’s just a legend, so no need to worry.

Barry Harris is a 28-year-old man, still living with his dear old mum in a little flat above a hairdresser. His obsession with Star Trek and the martial arts won’t help him when he’s forced out on a date.
And nobody knows about the weird string of events that’s about to put everyone’s lives in danger. A trio of samurai warriors and the strangest offer of help lead Barry on a perilous mission to save the day.


     This book is really far outside what I usually read, so while it was a fun, quick read, I’m also having trouble putting what I just read to words. Now, a big part of that may also have to do with the fact that this is a very random book. It has swear words, is written in British English so it has unfamiliar slang, and is very dark humor.

     I’m not exactly a fan of comedy, so this wasn’t the book for me. That being said, this book was written well enough, especially for its genre. As a more serious kind of reader, I tend to focus more on world-building and characterization. Readers will definitely find characterization here, but the world-building and as to what is exactly going on, readers might not understand very well. That being said, it could be argued that is the charm to this book. 

I will say, the footnotes at times did make me chuckle. My only spiff is that they appeared at the end of the chapter as opposed to the bottom of each page. That made flipping through the book slightly more annoying, but nothing that would actually take away from quality of the contents.

Overall, this was a quick read, but not really my style. I would recommend this to readers if they can handle more profane language and imagery.




Nicky Blue 

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